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Plinko - your success depends entirely on your luck and observation.

Plinko is an exciting online game that was developed by BGAMING in 2019.

This game appeared after the famous American television show, which captivated millions of viewers with its entertainment. Plinko's unique format and its emotional impact on the audience have become the main sources inspiration for creating an online version of this game.

Plinko quickly gained popularity among entertainment lovers due to its features. Plinko has a high percentage return (RTP) is 99%, which makes it one of the most generous games. Each player has a chance to win big prizes, which makes Plinko especially attractive. Plinko also allows you to manually adjust the game's volatility level. This gives players the opportunity to control their gaming experience and choose the optimal strategy to achieve their desired results. Millions of players around the world choose Plinko for its advantages and win good gifts and prizes.

If you're looking for new and exciting online entertainment, Plinko is your best choice.


The essence and rules of the game

If you choose Plinko, then you have the opportunity to choose from several balls or chips. In order to start the game, place a bet on one of the chips and click the “Play” button. The ball will go down the pyramid, bouncing off obstacles until it reaches the base. Once the ball reaches the end point and gets stuck in one of the holes, your winnings will be determined according to the payout size. The holes located in the lower corners of the pyramid have the highest payout values, although achieving them with your ball will not be easy unless the obstacles turn to your side. Your winnings will be determined depending on the hole in which the ball gets stuck. The lower it is hole, the lower the payout, but the chance of getting into it is higher. You can control the speed of the ball using adjustment buttons on the panel and quickly drop several balls at once if you have enough funds.

What do you need to know about the Plinko game?

The Plinko game is a real gift for fans of arcade games.

It has a number of advantages that make it especially attractive.

The main advantages of the Plinko game:

  1. High return rate (RTP) of up to 99% - this guarantees generous winnings and the opportunity to get great prizes.
  2. Chance to hit the jackpot with a x1000 multiplier - players can count on a big win that can bring Very high payout
  3. Manage volatility - players can control their bets and choose the right strategy for the game.
  4. Simple but addictive gameplay - the game is simple and understandable even for beginners, but at the same time it is exciting and captivates from the first minutes.
  5. The slot is compatible with any type of device - players can enjoy the Plinko game on a computer, tablet or mobile device, regardless of their preferences.

These advantages make Plinko an integral part of the arcade game collection and will satisfy the needs of most demanding players.


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Plinko - is an exciting game inspired by the magical world of balls and their unpredictable journeys. Launch the ball from the top of the board and open the doors to incredible adventures! Each ball drop becomes a unique moment as it interacts with the pegs and hits various marks. Different marks bring different rewards - bonus points, multipliers, and sometimes even extra balls to continue the game. Open the door to the world of excitement and luck by immersing yourself in the unique atmosphere of Plinko!



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What payouts does the Plinko game offer?

The Plinko game offers a high payout percentage (RTP) of 99%. This figure is significantly higher than most other online slots.

What payouts does the Plinko game offer?

The maximum win in the Plinko game is 1000x, which is a very generous bonus for an instant game. win. Usually the maximum winnings in such games are limited to 100x or even less, so Plinko stands out among other games.

What payouts does the Plinko game offer?

Yes. You can play Plinko and get real winnings.

What payouts does the Plinko game offer?

Yes. A demo mode of the Plinko game is available to you on our website. Play your favorite game without spending your bankroll


My colleagues and I have a great time playing Plinko in our free time. This game is the safest of all, it always brings stable, albeit small, winnings.

Juliana Oliveira

I just fell in love with this game! Very simple and understandable mechanics, interesting interface. Throw the ball and watch how it flies and brings you winnings. My boyfriend told me about it and I decided to try it. Now I play it every time day! You don't get a lot of adrenaline here, but that's why it's so perfect for me. I like to play calm games games to relax and play without stress.

Mateus Costa

I used to play other slots, but I saw Plinko on your website and decided to try it. Good game with a high percentage recoil. In this game, I take my time to get decent wins and practice, increasing my experience in the game. I like that I I can develop my own game strategy and use it to win more.

Isabella Rodrigues